Dormitories in Singapore

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The dormitory landscape of Singapore has evolved dramatically over the past decade. It has seen tremendous improvement especially over the last 5 years driven by both government policies, employers and also non-governmental organizations. Dormitories are needed in Singapore because of the large non-domestic foreign workers that numbers roughly 800,000 in size. Roughly half of this number requires a living space which can be challenging given the land constraints of Singapore compounded with the fact that most residential areas are reversed mainly for citizens and are not allowed to be used as accommodation for these workers.


This has led to the trend of purpose-built dormitories which usually house between 1000 to up to 20000 foreign workers per development. These large developments allow for the creation of a self-sufficient area that services the daily needs of these workers. Commonly, these dormitories would have a range of amenities beyond the living space that includes groceries stores, mobile phone shops, barbers, money remittance and cooked food stalls. While most of these purpose-built dormitories are located slightly further from normal residential areas, it has received much positive feedback from residents and clients due to the convenience factor of living in a self-sustained space.


Dormitories are seen as a vital cog in the provision of accommodation to foreign workers. With the onset of the Foreign Employee Dormitory Act (FEDA) in 2016, industry standards are certain to rise, leading to better quality of life for these important group of foreigners. We are happy to see an impending increase in quality and as always will strive to do better than what is required. If you have any dormitory related enquiry, please contact us at any point in time by clicking the button below.