How Much Does it Cost to Rent at a Foreign Worker Dormitory?

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How much Does it Cost to Rent a Dormitory Space?


Cost is definitely a one of the key consideration in choosing the right workers' dormitory as it directly impacts your company's bottom line. There is a spectrum of prices for dormitories. Usually, the factory-converted dormitories have the lowest price because of the very basic nature of their provision. Comparatively, the larger dormitories have slightly higher prices because of their wide range of facilities and also better living conditions.


Costs are typically split into these components:

  1. Monthly Rent
  2. Deposit (Usually 2 months)
  3. 1 Time Miscellanous Fees (For mattresses, Access cards, Admin fees etc)
  4. Stamp Duty
  5. Utilities / Laundry Services


Dormitories prices in Singapore generally range from about $250 to $400 per bed space, depending on the type of dormitory and whether other items such as laundry and utilities are priced in. 

Facilities, Amenities and Quality of Life in a Dormitory

Quality on the other hand relates to the type of facilities and environment that is provided by the dormitory. Quality is usually positively correlated with price, the higher the price, the better the quality. 


A full-fledged purpose-built dormitory will have facilities such supermarkets, canteens, sports areas. Furthermore, it is also held to higher safety and quality standards as mandated under the Foreign Employees Dormitory Act (FEDA)


On the other hand, there are options for dormitories that contain minimal facilities and amenities. These dormitories fulfill the role of serving as a place of accommodation which means that residents would have to travel out of the dormitory for daily necessities such as groceries.  


However, there are definitely  value-for-money options available that provide a good balance between cost and also quality of life. Depending on your budget and your workers' needs, we would be pleased to recommend suitable choices for you to choose from. 

Location of a Dormitory

Location plays a part in determining the price range that a dormitory charges. Due to higher land cost and rental, dormitories in prime areas and non-industrial areas are likely to cost more. However, a dormitory's proximity to a work site is also important as transportation between work sites and accommodation could range from a couple of minutes to more than an hour during morning and evening peak hours. There needs to exist a balance between price and convenience when choosing a suitable dormitory location. 

Conclusively, the relatively wide range of prices and also choices mean that it is difficult to find the right dormitory at the right price. We hope to help by providing you with inside expertise on finding the most value-for-money dormitory for your needs. Simply contact us with any of your dormitory-related enquiry and we will get back to you within 1 working day.