Facilities of a Workers’ Dormitory

Basic Facilities

1. Rooms

Typically, most rooms in dormitories feature bunk beds. A room can be classified more as a camp style versus a HDB-styled room. Mattresses are supplied usually for a fee, although some workers forgo it as they prefer sleeping on straw mats. A small proportion of dormitory rooms have air-conditions but most are ventilated by fans.


2. Cooking Facilities

A large proportion of dormitories provide cooking facilities either inside the room or in a common area. This is usually a top priority for residents as it allows them to prepare their own meals at a much lower cost with the added benefit of choosing their own cuisines.


3. Showers

There are usually two different shower arrangements in different dormitories. First, there are dormitory rooms which have attached showers which provides a greater element of privacy for the residents. Second, for larger dormitories, it is common to have 1 to 2 common shower areas per level of units. 


Additional Facilities

1. Laundry

A good number of dormitories provide laundry services for their residents as they recognize that there is a demand for this convenience due to the long working hours of the foreign workers.


2. Gym

Gyms are becoming increasingly common as residences look for a way to keep fit. The gyms are usually relatively well-equipped with a wide range of equipment.


3. Canteen

Canteens in dormitories usually contain a drink stall, Indian food, Muslim food and occasionally Chinese food. The style of cooking is adapted to the taste and preferences of the residents and serves as a convenience point by providing ready-to-eat food.

4. Minimart

As many foreign workers prefer to cook their own food, minimarts are a familiar sight in most dormitories. They provide fresh or frozen produce, meats, fish and dried goods as well as other daily necessities. This one-stop shop solution greatly increases the convenience for the residents.

Special Feature Facilities

foreign worker dormitory facilities, amenities, canteen, minmart

1. Sports Area / Field

The larger dormitories usually have a field that is typically used for cricketing. Additionally, it is also common to find badminton, basketball and soccer courts. Residents use these facilities to bond and also exercise.


2. Cinema / Theatre

A few mega-dormitories which are very large in size have this feature. There are free screenings at times and also paid screenings where latest movies can be enjoyed by the residences.


There are a wide range of facilities across a wide range of dormitories. Therefore to choose the right dormitory for your workers' needs can be challenging. We are hereto help you make the right decision. Simply contact us with your enquiry and we will link up with you.