What is the Foreign Employee Dormitories Act? (FEDA)

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Introduction to FEDA


The Foreign Employee Dormitory Act (FEDA) was passed by the Parliament of Singapore in 2015. It has been enacted from the year 2016. With the enforcement of this act, any dormitories that have more than 1000 bed spaces will be required to obtain a license.


FEDA is designed to drive these larger dormitory spaces to provide and meet additional health and security requirements. Additionally, these licensed dormitories will ensure the provision of social, recreational and commercial facilities such as computerized security systems, sickbays, sports and recreational areas, WIFI and groceries stores. With the increase in the number of large-scale dormitories in Singapore, this would mean that a greater proportion of dormitories will fall under the jurisdiction of this Act.

What does FEDA mean for businesses with foreign workers?


It means that dormitories in general are going to provide higher quality of life to your employees as the law requires them to do so. The better living conditions will help increase satisfaction for your workers with likely positive effects for your businesses as their productivity level increases.  However, a caveat of this is that only larger dormitories are subjected to these requirements. Therefore, there is still the probability of less-ideal living conditions and environment for some smaller dormitories.



In general, we are going to see a rise in standards across the dormitory landscape in Singapore. So as an employer, are only licensed FEDA dormitory operators the right dormitory to choose? We believe that there are a range of factors involved in choosing a dormitory such as price, location and also living conditions. There are smaller dormitories that provide excellent services, even though they are not required to be licensed under FEDA.


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