Which Dormitory to Choose for My Foreign Workers?

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1) Location

A key component of the decision-making process of choosing a dormitory is related to where it is located. Most importantly, the proximity of the dormitory from your foreign workers' workplace. The distance between the workplace and dormitory can make a large difference despite Singapore's efficient road systems. By choosing a dormitory that is located near your work site, it would drastically reduce transit time resulting in higher productivity and also longer rest time for your workers.

2) Facilities

Different dormitories can provide different levels of facilities. Normally, there is a linear relationship between the size of the dormitory and the number of facilities it provides. The larger the dormitory, the better and more facilities it can provide for social, health and recreation purposes. In this sense, the purpose-built dormitories that house larger number of residents are usually the top providers of facilities. The larger ones even have cricket fields and movie theatres in addition to more common facilities.

3) Price

The cost of renting a dormitory can range mainly based on the facilities provided, age of the dormitory, location and also market conditions. Additionally, there are usually also discounts associated with the number of bedspaces that you commit to rent. A key point to take note is that different dormitory operators' state their prices in differing ways. For example, a dormitory operator may offer a lower price but it may not include other costs such as laundry, utilities and parking would may balloon the total amount charged. On the other hand, some dormitories' sticker price may seem high, but it may include utilities and other charges and may actually be a value-for-money proposition.