Purpose-Built vs Factory-Converted Dormitory

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What is a Purpose-Built Dormitory?


A purpose-built dormitory (PBD) is specifically constructed for the housing of foreign workers. Most PBD can house large number of residents ranging from 1000 to 20000 workers in a compound. A key note for PBD is that most of them will be subjected to the Foreign Employee Dormitories Act (FEDA) from the year 2016. The regulations of FEDA will bring the levels of quality within PBD to higher levels with relation to social, health and security amenities provided.


Purpose-built dormitories usually provide a wider range of facilities. These facilities range from minimarts, mobile phone shops, canteens, barbers, money remittance services to sports fields. These facilities allow the foreign worker residents to enjoy a more holistic living environment that usually leads to higher satisfaction levels.

What is a Factory-Converted Dormitory?


Factory-Converted Dormitories (FCD) are industrial buildings that have been converted to be used for the housing of foreign workers. They are typically smaller in size and can house a lesser number of workers. While FCDs are not subjected to the FEDA Act, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has been actively seeking to improve the conditions of FCDs by introducing additional licensing conditions.

Should I House my Workers in an Purpose-Built or Factory-Converted Dormitory?


There are advantages and disadvantages associated with either. However to make a more informed decision, it would involve looking at your budget, workplace location and also your preferences. Feel free to enquire with us and we will provide you with the necessary choices for you to secure the right dormitory for your workers.