About Worker Dormitory

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We are a premier foreign worker dormitory provider. We have available bed spaces and units for rent in the North, South, East, West region of Singapore for your workers that are suitable for all industry types. Our clients range from the construction, marine, oil & gas, manufacturing and many other sectors. Our company understands that the provision of proper housing for our foreign workers is important to ensure that they get the required rest and also recreational time to ensure greater productivity at work. However, finding the right accommodation for your employees can be a challenging experience with frequent changes in directives from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). We aim to help you find the right accommodation at the right price to ensure that you can focus on your core business.


Additionally, our goal is also to become a one-stop information provider with regards to all dormitory-related updates from MOM, the media and also the industry insights. In recent years, there has been sweeping changes in the dormitory sector driven mainly by government policies. Our website will be regularly updated to ensure that our clients will be kept in the loop with regards to any regulatory changes that may impact your business. We value our relationships with our clients and constantly look to innovate in order to provide value-added services. Simply visit our page Latest Dormitory News to know the latest ongoings in the dormitory scene in Singapore.


We welcome any enquiry regarding any dormitory related matters, simply drop us a message through our contact us button. We want to be your guide in finding for the right foreign worker dormitory.